Evansville priest reacts to Sri Lanka church bombings

Local reaction to Sri Lanka bombings

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Father Lowell Will celebrated Easter Sunday like many Christians around the world. He cannot fathom the hatred that someone must feel to commit such a tragedy.

“Easter has to be a feast of hope," said Will.

But after hearing of the tragedy that claimed over 200 lives, he believes the world needs more hope

“To come together as a family and to pray as a family... we need that in our world today. We need that in a world that needs hope. Especially when you see the different tragedies around the world,” said Will.

Although distance and culture may separate those here locally from those in Sri Lanka, Father Will says their faith is what links all of those together who share it.

“We are not separated too much anymore from people around the world. And I think that helps us understand that we are one family of Christian people everywhere,” said Will.

The tragedy cannot be undone and the lives lost cannot be replaced. Father Will is now calling upon his Christian faith to pray for healing and the strength to forgive.

“I think we have to turn to prayer. The prayer to understand Christ and how much he forgave sinners. How much he forgave everyone who even did something to him and therefore we have to imitate Christ to be forgiving to one another," said Will.

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