Chandler pharmacy closing after 42 years

Chandler pharmacy closing after 42 years

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - Guthrie’s Pharmacy has announced they are closing after 42 years in business.

They are on W. Lincoln Ave. in Chandler.

The pharmacy says they were bought by Value RX Bluegrass LLC just over a year ago, and now that company has sold the pharmacy to CVS. They say all files will be transferred to Boonville.

Over the years, they have made free prescription deliveries and the community tells us this loss is going to be felt in the hardest way possible.

The years of relationships built will not end when the doors close at Guthrie’s Pharmacy on Monday.

“My parents have just appreciated Guthrie’s so much," Connie Smith, Guthrie’s Pharmacy longtime customer, explains. "I have a brother with special needs, and they have been wonderful with working with his medications.”

Decades of relationships built in the pharmacy and in homes.

“We’ve always offered free delivery,” Pam Guthrie, Guthrie’s Pharmacy original owner, says. "We know our patients. We talk to them about their medicine and other effects. We catch mistakes that doctors don’t sometimes on their medications and that’s very important to our customers. "

The Guthrie family started this business here in Chandler in 1978. But after years of service they had to make a hard decision to sell the business.

13 months ago they were purchased by Bluegrass Pharmacy. Now Bluegrass is selling them to CVS.

“We were pretty upset about that, that was not our original intention,” Guthrie explains.

Even though the doors close on Monday, the impact they leave will be remembered for years to come.

“We’re all in mourning, this is like a wake here at the pharmacy and, thanks Chandler, thanks for loving us and trusting us,” Paukette Harralson, Guthrie’s Pharmacy employee says.

The pharmacy says they appreciate their staff and customers, and they apologize for the short notice.

They will be open on Saturday for their normal hours, but their last day is Monday, April 22.

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