Princeton mailman given hero award for helping stop dog attack

Princeton mailman given hero award after helping stop dog attack
Updated: Apr. 18, 2019 at 11:41 AM CDT
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PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - A Princeton mailman was awarded the Postmaster General Hero Award for his part in saving a man being attacked by a dog.

Mark Schuh is a 38 year veteran of the United States Postal Service. Schuh said that he’s had many run-ins with aggressive dogs during his career, but the attack on March 4 was unlike anything he’s ever seen.

Keith Fouts was out for a walk with his dog, when suddenly a neighbor’s dog attacked Fouts’s dog.

“I’ve never been in a life or death situation in my life. I never was in service, never was in war, never had any experience, but that truly was a life or death situation," Fouts said. "That dog intended to kill my dog. There was no question in my mind about it. She wouldn’t give up, she was determined to kill my dog, and I was determined that she wouldn’t.”

Schuh was a couple houses down when he saw the dog begin to follow Fouts.

“I heard a commotion so I kind of hurried it on down there. Mr. Fouts was laying on his dog protecting it and the other owner of the other dog was trying to get his dog off," said Schuh. "Every time we would pull him away he would just go back after him again and that happened two or three times and that’s when I just decided to spray. It took a while. He was a white dog and I sprayed and sprayed and like I say I used almost a whole can and finally...finally dazed him.”

That spray is a type of pepper spray issued to all mail carriers to deal with situations like this.

Fouts was taken to the hospital where he had to get stitches in his hand from where he was bitten, and his dog needed to go the vet for serious wounds.

Mark says that he didn’t do anything special, he was just trying to help someone in need, but Fouts sees it differently. He said that what Schuh did went above and beyond.

“He’s delivered our mail, I don’t know how many years, and I’d see him and we’d speak, but I never imagined he’s going to end up being someone who saved my dog," Fouts said.

“If I was ever under attack I hope somebody would come to my defense and so you don’t think about it, you just go after him," Schuh stated.

“As far as I’m concerned Mark saved my dog’s life," said Fouts. "Constantly on television we’re seeing reports of heroes and I really think Mark is.”

The recognition Mark received is a national award bestowed by the Postmaster General

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