Man caught on camera stealing from car

1900 blk Conlin Ave, Evansville
Man caught on camera stealing from car
Updated: Apr. 17, 2019 at 4:44 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A man in was caught on camera stealing from a car, late Monday.

“It’s hard when you work for what you got and somebody just wants to take it from you,” says victim Roger Scott.

This happened in the 1900 block of Conlin Avenue on Monday night. The victims did not realize it until the Wednesday morning.

They called police to report the break-in. Then they called 14 News to show the suspect and warn neighbors to be on the look out.

The clear shot of the suspect’s face was captured by an illuminated security camera. The man tried to open one car door.

That was locked, so he tried the other, and bingo. He snatched several items.

Now, the victim is asking do you know this man?

Neighborhood Watch: Car break-in; Wanted Wednesday; Daviess Co. reward
Neighborhood Watch: Car break-in; Wanted Wednesday; Daviess Co. reward

“This one was open and like I said he just threw stuff all in my car, all over, and ransacked," Scott explains. "He lifted my center console up. Got in there.”

Scott accidentally forgot to lock his car and found himself an unlucky victim. Thinking back, Scott says his daughter did hear a noise Monday night.

“Yeah she thought it was something against the garage, and she said that, but I didn’t go out and check the cars because I thought they were locked, and I didn’t see no windows broken,” says Scott.

But this is not the first time Scott’s been the victim of a crime right in his driveway.

“I’ve had the windows taken out of my car, property taken out then,” says Scott.

That prompted him to install security cameras. That is why this time was different.

“When that light came on though I think it shocked him,” says Scott.

But it did not stop the suspect from taking off down the street testing handles along the way.

“I walked to my neighbor’s house and asked him if anything was missing because I had seen him trying to get into their truck,” says Scott.

Luckily, they were locked.

“When I saw him I was like gotcha," Scott says. “When I seen him on there. I got your face.”

Scott tells us he hopes the suspect gets caught so that way nobody else has to go through what he did. So far, he says none of his neighbors have had items stolen from their cars.

Evansville Police tell us they are not aware of any other victims in the area.

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