Local shops are slowly moving into Eastland Mall

Local shops are slowly moving into Eastland Mall

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - What was once a typical mall landscape of big box stores and national chains, is now evolving into something much different at Eastland Mall in Evansville.

While customers stay the same, the stores have not. “What we’ve seen over the years is an influx of new tenants, a lot of those are local. Local and small boutique type tenants,” said Sean Ferguson, Eastland Mall Marketing Manager.

Ferguson has worked for Eastland Mall for more than a decade, he said the trend is for the smaller, more local guys moving in. “It’s a pretty simple process and we would love to have more small boutiques and local owners come in and give the mall a try,” said Ferguson.

It’s a dream Sara Hodge never thought would become a reality. Hodge started her boutique, Simple Extravagance about 12 years ago, “Actually it’s kind of funny because it was an unattainable dream for a very long time and I say dream where I didn’t even know it was a dream but the second it was mentioned, it was like wow, I can do that,” said Hodge.

She moved into Eastland Mall last year. She said the support of the community has helped her smaller store flourish alongside the big dogs. “The support is number one, we need it. We rely on local people.”

Without the support of local shoppers, these stores might never have made the move to the mall.

If you have a store you think would flourish at Eastland mall, there are a few empty storefronts. Contact Sean Ferguson, 812-477-7171.

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