Digital scales foiled effort to flush drugs, sheriff’s office says

Digital scales foiled effort to flush drugs, sheriff’s office says

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - Four people are facing charges after a drug bust in Madisonville.

Authorities say they got a tip Tuesday that two wanted men, 40-year-old Jonathan Wilson and 28-year-old Dustin Grant, were at the Days Inn in Madisonville. They then got a warrant to search two adjoining rooms.

When detectives knocked on the door to one of the rooms, we’re told they could hear people running into the adjoining room.

The detectives then when went inside and arrested Wilson and Grant. They also found 29-year-old Brittany Nance and 20-year-old Autumn Shelton in the other room.

While the detectives were in the rooms searching for Wilson and Grant, they saw several illegal items in plain view so they got another warrant to search for evidence of drug trafficking.

We’re told they found a large amount of suspected crystal meth and a set of digital scales inside a toilet in one of the rooms. Authorities say the items had been flushed, but the digital scales would not pass through the neck of the toilet drain causing the other items to become clogged inside the toilet.

Detectives also seized several empty plastic baggies, a large amount of cash, and other drug-related items.

Wilson and Grant are facing drug-trafficking charges. Nance was arrested on a charge of hindering prosecution or apprehension. They were all taken to the Hopkins County Jail.

Brittany L. Nance, 29.
Brittany L. Nance, 29. (Source: Hopkins Co. Jail)

Shelton was cited for a drug possession charge and released.

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