Catholics hold Chrism Mass in midst of Holy Week

Catholics hold Chrism Mass in midst of Holy Week

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The fire at Notre Dame, the worlds most recognizable cathedral, started right at the beginning of Holy Week.

14 News went to Holy Redeemer in Evansville Tuesday night for reaction to the fire, as Catholics celebrated the Chrism Mass.

We asked to speak with the bishop after mass about the fire at Notre Dame, but were told he would not be available.

By chance, our photographer was there as Bishop Siegel addressed parishioners on another topic we’ve been asking about for months, Clergy sex abuse.

“It is also, as a physical body of Christ, a family of the church, that we recognize and acknowledge the pain that so many have experienced through the tragedy of clergy sexual abuse. Christ calls us to be holy priests. By resolving ourselves united more closely to Christ. And to become more like Him in every way,” said bishop Siegel.

Tuesday night, the Bishop asked for prayers for victims of clergy sex abuse.

He also asked for prayers for renewed strength in the church.

The Chrism Mass is one of the most important masses of the year for the church, one where unity is displayed. Bishops with priests and with the rest of the church community.

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