Owensboro schools discuss plans which could save $8m

Owensboro schools discuss plans which could save $8m

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - School Board members met Tuesday to discuss options on energy savings plans that could save the district up to $8 million.

Those plans would cost the school district about $9 million, essentially paying for itself with the energy savings. School officials say this would be a direct investment in the students.

“By taking the savings from going to LED fixtures, upgrading HVACs, things of that nature, improving the building envelope as a whole it makes more sense to take those savings and put it into our building and to our children," Chris Bozarth, Director of Maintenance Facilities & Technology for the school district, said.

And since most of Owensboro Public Schools are older, the district feels it is important to do what they can to improve them

“Our buildings are older and we have to remodel, we don’t get the luxury of putting a new building in," Bozarth explained. "So we have to go through and bring our buildings up to today’s energy standards.”

The board won’t decide anything until their next board meeting in late April.

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