City of Madisonville to become Second Chance Employer, launches program with jail

City of Madisonville to become Second Chance Employer, launches program with jail

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - The city of Madisonville is adopting new hiring procedures to become a Second Chance Employer which gives some convicted men and woman a fair shot at a good job.

At the same time, a new program has launched with the Hopkins County jail to employ selected inmates.

Five Hopkins County inmates will soon get to work, some as soon as Wednesday, on a fresh start and a second chance.

"One of them I actually spoke to yesterday, we were talking about it, getting ready for this program, and what he is most pleased with, is he has a nine-month baby at home. Now, he can mail checks home with his paycheck, and send money home to help take care of his child,” Jailer Mike Lewis explained.

The partnership is aimed at establishing work ethic in inmates, help them sharpen their skill sets and give them the chance to potentially get their foot in the workforce door ahead of their release.

“Just because we’ve made a mistake in life doesn’t mean that should have to follow us the rest of our life. We need to be able to learn from that mistake and move on,” Mayor Kevin Cotton said.

Criteria is set by the department of corrections.

Applicants can have a drug-related offense or non-payment of child support. They must also be community custody level inmates, meaning the person has not committed a heinous crime.

“Folks haven’t been able to apply for positions in the city or county or a business because they have a record. This will show and give an opportunity for them to have that second chance and we’re really excited to have this opportunity,” Mayor Cotton added.

The jail has created trade-related programs over the last couple of years and this program will work as the final step as chosen inmates leave the jail for hopefully the last time.

“One of the hardest things when you first get released is getting back into the workforce,” Jailer Lewis stated.

No person who has been convicted of charges sexual in nature, aggravated assault or child abuse will be accepted.

Applicants could only be considered for jobs that are not safety sensitive.

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