City commission to discuss partnership on downtown project

City commission to discuss partnership on downtown project

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The City Commission is meeting to discuss a partnership with developers on a large downtown project.

There are a lot of big decisions coming up at Tuesday’s meeting: the partnership with Riverfront Brio to help the development with the third downtown hotel, parking garage, and apartments.

The city would provide a $4.6 million incentive to help develop the project. And in return, the city would receive all TIF money that Riverfront Brio would have collected otherwise.

Mayor Tom Watson says the hotel and apartment project is the third phase in the “Place Making Plan” for downtown to get more people living in the area.

“And then they’re down town walking around and that’s what saves the downtown, that’s how it survives, by having people down there," explains Mayor Watson. "It doesn’t do any good to have all these things down there and nobody living down there because they only show up when there is an event and then they go home.”

The city will also hear the first reading of the OMU rate changes, which will ultimately reduce customers bills by about five percent over the next year or so.

We will update this story after Tuesday’s meeting.

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