Schools remain under boil advisory as crews repair water main break

Schools remain under boil advisory as crews repair water main break

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Crews are still working to repair a water main break that happened over the weekend.

In the meantime many homes, schools and businesses are under a boil advisory.

The break happened on the corner of Vine and South Green Street, which is in the area near Jefferson Elementary. This current boil advisory has affected a total of three schools.

All of these schools have huge stocks of water bottles for reasons just like this. Schools made sure each student had access to several bottles of water on Monday.

They also made sure to cover water fountains. The schools lunch menu is also being adjusted.

The advisory is supposed to be lifted early Tuesday, but school officials say they will be prepared either way.

“We keep bottled water in cases for situations like this that occurred today so that we can give every student a bottled water option," explains Henderson County School’s Megan Mortis. "We are prepared to keep our students at school, we will continue to supply bottle water and operate as normal.”

The school has plenty of cases of water left and thanks to the company, International Paper, for their water donation, these students will not be left thirsty.

Right now, Henderson is still under the advisory and the city hopes to lift it on Tuesday.

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