EFD Station No. 7 makes history

EFD Station No. 7 makes history

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A team of Evansville fighters made history this weekend.

On Saturday, the Third Battalion Fire Station No. 7 delivered the first baby ever to be born at an Evansville Fire House.

Captain Al Lindsey says it was a night just like any other. The four man unit waiting for a call, when one said there was a woman outside in labor.

Lindsey called for an ambulance and figured there was no real rush, but when medics arrived they realized the woman was too far along to take her to the hospital. So they took her inside the firehouse.

Together with AMR they delivered a healthy baby boy 10 minutes later.

Lindsey says he and most of the firemen are trained first responders so they were prepared for this unusual role. He says this was a first for him.

After almost 34 years with the fire department, bringing a life into the world where he often responds to tragedy was nothing short of truly amazing.

“She didn’t really want to hear it, she knew what she was doing," Mike Bell, Fire Station No. 7 crew member, explains. "She knew she was having a baby. She really was pretty ready to have it at that time. She was kind of irritated. Then we got her in here and we kind of all did different things. We got her in here and decided this is where the baby was going to be, and actually I held her hand and she said do not let go of my hand and she squeezed my hand like a vice.”

Lindsey says this was the woman’s third child. She was with her husband and they say she was very calm and everything went smoothly.

On Monday, the Fire Chief dropped off a plaque at Station No. 7 for the unit to proudly display in the very room where they delivered the baby. It has each of their names with the title “doctor.”

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