Ark brings magic during Fairy Tale Ball

Ark brings magic during Fairy Tale Ball

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) -April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

On Saturday April, 13, 2019 the ARK Crisis Child Care Center had their fairy tale ball to help bring awareness to this issue, and give kids the fairy tale they truly deserve.

More than 100 kids experienced a world filled with magic.

The Fairy Tale Ball at the Evansville Country Club is all about living in the moment.

“Some of these children have been through situations in their very young lives that are less than perfect, and this really gives them a Cinderella type of experience. Where they get to leave any troubles behind they may have had” said Executive Director Angie Richards Cooley.

It was a day filled with Disney fantasies: pinning the nose on Olaf and dancing with princesses.

The most memorable part-- was the ending

“At the end of the day, they’ll get a horse and carriage ride with Cinderella, and of course a family photo that they can keep all year long” said Richards Cooley.

None of this would be possible without the help of some very special fairy god mothers.

The community that continues to pour donations into ark to change the lives of many.

“Some kids never get the opportunity to go to Disney or one of the shows on ice or even some of the movies sometimes; because of what they have going on in their worlds" said Richards Cooley.

The magic doesn’t end there, later that night arc will host an evening event that will include dinner, dancing, and carriage rides.

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