UE unveils new school, athletics logos

UE unveils new school, athletics logos
The University unveiled five new logos on Friday. (Source: WFIE/@AriaJanel14News)

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The University of Evansville has a new logo and branding strategy.

Not all of the logos are new, however. Some are a blast from the past giving the branding history and uniformity.

The two new school logos feature an inter-locking U-E on both:

For the three new athletic logos: a refreshed mascot image of Ace Purple, “Aces” written in cursive, and an inter-locking U-E, similar to the one used for the school logo.

University President Christopher Pietruszkiewics said this isn’t about a logo, but about an identity.

“This is not just a logo exercise, but an identity exercise,” Pietruszkiewics explained.

After six months of focus groups with faculty and students these logos are all about unity. So whether you are in academic clubs or sporting events the only thing that is different from your logos is that outer rim color.

The university is focusing on the students stories and the successes that come with them.

“You see the logos today, what you’ll see is a communications and marketing campaign that will get rolled out over a period of months that talks about our students, and talks about our university through students, and the stories of our students about how they make lasting and powerful changes,” Pietruszkiewics says.

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