Students learn from mock accident drill

Eye-opening lesson for students in Dubois Co.

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - An intoxicated teen takes the wheel of a four-wheeler. The result is a collision with another vehicle, injuring everyone involved. That was the scenario that local law enforcement and first responders acted out for students at Northeast Dubois High School on Thursday.

It was a chance for them to see a disaster-type situation up close and personal.

“It is too have them actually get eyes on a real-life situation. Something we may see all the time but they don’t get to see, it maybe drives it home for them a little bit,” said Indiana Conservation Officer Joe Haywood.

The coordinated chaos included busted windows, the jaws of life, an emergency helicopter and a lot to be learned.

“Our students are not here to learn just math an English, we are teaching them life skills. So the importance of the responsibility of driving, not distracted driving, and drinking and driving,” said principal Tina Fawks.

The actors in today’s scene were a few Northeast Dubois students. They say that today’s experience was an eye opener.

“Being in the car when they were breaking the glass, it was very scary. You can’t see anything because they have the blanket over you,” said Jackson Brosmer.

“Just to know that this actually happens to people in this area... I don’t want to experience it myself. And for my friends, I would want them to be okay. I can only imagine what happens when it is actually real,” said Chloe Terwiske.

Some things, you simply cannot learn inside a classroom. What students saw in this drill, they soon won’t soon forget.

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