Spring allergies in high gear

Ways to help battle allergies this season

TRI-STATE (WFIE) - Chances are you’ve noticed an uptick in your allergy symptoms right now. Well doctors say you aren’t alone.

The air is loaded with pollen and allergies are getting worse.

You've probably found yourself taking lots of over the counter medicine so far this season.

It’s undeniable. So which of those over the counter allergy meds work best?

“You would start with something like Claritin, which is a 24 hour medicine, then you would go to Allegra, then Zyrtec then Xyxal when it comes to potency,” Dr. Majed Koleilat, Deaconess Allergy, says.

Just because those are the most potent doesn’t mean those generics don’t work. Dr. Koleilat said, “Generics do have the same effect as branded medications but some people can tell the difference. So I would say if you cannot tell the difference go for the generic because it’s cheaper.”

What you might not know is doctors suggest you change those over the counter medicines out regularly.

“Some people advocate to rotate the medicines do a month of this and a month of that," Dr. Koleilat said. "So a lot of my patients rotate monthly based on whats on sale.”

If you do have allergies make sure you’re checking that pollen forecast before you get outside and work on the yard.

Doctors also tell us different medications work differently for everyone so keep trying until you find the “over the counter” medicine that works best for you.

If that doesn’t work, you can contact a physician to do an allergy test and you can look into allergy shots.

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