New kayak launch dock installed on Webster Co. lake

New kayak launch dock installed on Webster Co. lake

PROVIDENCE, KY (WFIE) - A western Kentucky partnership is investing thousands of dollars into a Webster County lake.

Providence’s Mayor hopes both locals and visitors will appreciate the money being put into the project. And there are more improvements on the horizon.

Water – it’s vital for all known forms of life, and about 36 acres of it make up Providence City Lake.

Down gravel road, surrounded by many trees, the body of water is tucked away off Highway 293, south of the city.

“It’s an investment into our kids and to our community and something to do,” Mayor Hammers explained.

City leaders and the local tourism commission hope by putting in a new kayak launch dock, more people will come out to play.

“If you don’t own a kayak, there will be one available to rent to you,” Hammers added.

This installment is the first a few improvements planned for the area. Mayor Hammers says they plan to pave the roads getting to the lake, and also put in a concrete boat ramp.

“Small finishing boats, of course, without gasoline powered engines,” Hammers stated.

The launch pad is expected to soon be ADA compliant.

A nature trail, likely about a couple miles in the length, is also being carved out.

“Everything we can do to keep people active and, on the move, and enjoying life – that’s a great thing,” Hammers added.

Whether you want to walk or be on the water, it won’t cost to enter.

All included, the project is expected to cost at least $60,000 dollars.

They’re planning to start the rest of the work this summer.

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