School safety discussed heavily in Posy Co. meeting

School safety discussed heavily in Posey Co. meeting

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - Educators gathered to go over how the schools have been doing at the State of the Schools meeting and one topic that was discussed frequently, school safety.

“The next area of safety, I will have to say over my 37 years of teaching, nine as superintendent, I probably loose more sleep in this area than any other area,” explains Dr. Tom Kopatich, Superintendent of MSD of Mt. Vernon..

On Thursday, educators came together in Mt. Vernon for the State of the Schools meeting. One topic that continued to come up was school safety.

The MSD of both Mt. Vernon and North Posey are making huge strides in this area.

“We’re in the process of doubling our cameras; we also received a grant to help pay for some of that," Dr. Todd Camp, Superintendent MSD of North Posey, says. "And we’re spending approximately $140,000 on replacing all of our cameras and then also doubling them.”

Over in Mt. Vernon, they added their first ever school resource officer and installed real time cameras on school buses. They have also ensured all schools are locked down at all times.

“You get them all in the classes then you have to lock down," says Kopatich. "And you lock down and you don’t have that ability to bring in the community unless they go in a certain way and it’s not that the schools are trying to be offstandish so to speak, we love for people to come to our schools but for the safety reasons those requirements are now needed in order to keep everybody protected.”

Other projects both schools are working on are new turf fields. They say the fields will continue to build the pride in their community.

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