KSP looking for escaped prisoner in Muhlenberg Co.

KSP looking for escaped prisoner in Muhlenberg Co.

MUHLENBERG CO., KY (WFIE) - Police are trying to track down the man who walked away from a western Kentucky prison.

Good morning. As most of you are aware, yesterday evening an inmate escaped from the Green River Correctional Facility...

Posted by Muhlenberg County Public Schools on Thursday, April 11, 2019

Shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday, leaders at the Green River Correctional Complex called state police troopers, telling them an inmate, Charles Pedigo, had escaped from the facility in Muhlenberg County.

Trooper Rob Austin tells 14 News the 44-year-old man was housed in a low-security area of the prison.

“From what I gather, they have a little more flexibility to work on the yard, to work on the grounds," Tpr. Austin explained.

Pedigo is originally from Scottsville, KY and has ties to Allen, Hardin and Simpson counties.

As a precaution, Muhlenberg County schools went on a modified lock down and uniformed officers were put in each of their school buildings.

“Any time we see an assault charge, we treat them as being a danger. And with him being an escapee, there’s no telling what he will be willing to do to try to prevent going back to prison,” Trp. Austin added.

Pedigo was sentenced to 29 years and one day for assault charges.

He’s described as being about 5’9”, roughly 230 pounds, and had a goatee with two tattoos. One tattoo is a grim reaper on his left arm. On the right arm, there is a dream catcher with an eagle.

The prison tells 14 News since it was still daylight, the gates around the minimum-security area had not been locked for the evening when he walked away.

“I guess they figured he was a safe person there; that they could keep an eye out but I guess that didn’t pan out, now did it?” Central City resident Linda Emery said.

Pedigo was eligible for parole in a month.

The schools plan to have officers back in their buildings Friday morning if Pedigo is not found.

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