Petitions circulating for Hancock Co. to become wet county

Petitions circulating for Hancock Co. to become wet county

HANCOCK CO., KY (WFIE) - In just the last few weeks, members of the community have created two petitions to get the county and the city of Hawesville to sell alcohol.

“It’s been talked about for years," BJ Early a resident of Hancock county said. "And so it’s just a breath of fresh air. You’re like, okay good, maybe this time we’ve got a shot.”

Right now, residents of the area have to go elsewhere to buy alcohol.

“Living in Hawesville, it’s not easy to get alcohol," Early explained. "We go right across the bridge which makes it easier. So we go to Indiana, or if we’re in Daviess County, we get our alcohol there.”

Hancock County Clerk Trina Ogle says only registered voters in Hawesville can sign the Hawesville petition and the same goes for the county petition.

“Once the names are verified that they have enough signatures, then the question will go on the November general election ballot," Ogle said. "And then the voters of Hancock county will get to decide whether or not they want the sale of alcoholic beverages.”

It's as simple as that. 95 signatures needed in the city and 533 needed in the county.

George Banks is remodeling this building to open his own restaurant this spring. He started the city-wide petition.

“It''l let me tap into a resource that other restaurants are tapping into," Banks said.

While Banks says it's not vital to his business, he sees it as a way to bring in more jobs and money to the community. And it seems most people are interested.

“Out of the hundreds that I’ve spoken with, two had not favorable things to say," Banks said.

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