3 exercise trails to take shape this summer in downtown Henderson

Exercise trails to incorporate some city history with them

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Three marked exercise trails will soon take shape in downtown Henderson, and a local organization donated the money that will cover the cost.

Tourism leaders say they are planning to incorporate a little bit of Henderson’s history along the paths.

The trails will range in length from one mile to five miles.

Depending on which one you chose, you’ll pass a park, dozens of downtown restaurants and businesses, as well as right along the river walk. Regardless if you enjoy walking, running or are simply visiting Henderson, three separate routes should be marked by this summer.

Options include the Snail trail, a mile route, circling Central Park, the Quail trail, which is 2.5 miles, and the longest, a 5-mile path named the White Tail trail.

Each will begin and end at the perch pocket park. A sign explaining the routes will be placed there, plus each trail will be marked with prints of the animal it’s named after, like bird feet or deer hooves.

Users will also have the opportunity to download details of each route, which will share information on Henderson’s history.

“Points of interest, historical sites along the way, some of our beautiful historic homes have amazing stories dating back a couple hundred years so we’re excited to point those out for visitors and for our hometown folks to learn more about our community.” Abby Dixon, Executive director of the Henderson Tourist Commission explained.

The Lion’s Club donated $1,800 to the Downtown Discovery trails, so it will be free to the users and tax payers.

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