Virginia St. shooting victim and suspect call 911

Ikeem Minor: “I think he got shot in the stomach.”
Virginia St. shooting victim and suspect call 911
Updated: Apr. 9, 2019 at 4:01 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - 911 calls have been released in the Friday night shooting on Virginia Street.

Neighbors called in, and then a woman who was with the shooting victims called for help.

She asked for an ambulance, but then says they are going to the hospital themselves. The caller hung up before the dispatcher could get all of the information.

When the dispatcher called back, Ikeem Minor answered the phone. He says he was shot in the hand and leg, and another victim, his brother, was shot in the stomach.

Ikeem Minor: “I think he got shot in the stomach. I got shot in my hand and my leg. We on our way...”

Dispatcher: “So you got shot as well?”

Ikeem Minor: “Yes ma’am.”

911 dispatchers then got a call from Elijah Parchman.

Dispatcher: “So you were just a witness in all of this?”

Elijah Parchman: “Yes, like no. I have my gun license. I have my gun license.”

Dispatcher: “Okay so were you involved in the shooting or you just saw the male?"

Elijah Parchman: “Yes I was involved.”

Dispatcher: “Were you the one who shot?”

Elijah Parchman: “Yes, I have my gun license.”

Listen to those calls here:

Parchman is facing several charges after the shooting, including murder.

Officials say the other victim, Bobby Minor, died from his injuries.

SOURCE: Vanderburgh Co. Jail
SOURCE: Vanderburgh Co. Jail

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