Tools stolen from Habitat for Humanity of Henderson... again

More tools stolen from Henderson Habitat for Humanity

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Tools have been stolen for the second time in a six months from the Habitat for Humanity of Henderson.

They say someone cut through the fence, and then broke into their trailers.

Executive Director Britney Smith says the tool trailer had an alarm, but had been removed due to a problem with it.

In November, $10,000 worth of tools were stolen.

She says among the $4,000 worth of items stolen this time, was an air compressor that the community had just helped them purchase after the last theft.

Smith says they are asking nearby businesses for any surveillance. She says they would love their own cameras, but they can’t buy everything at once since they are nonprofit.

“These tools were donated by people from the community, and they are used to help people in the community,” said Smith. “So, please don’t steal our tools. You know, we’re trying to do a good thing here, and it’s very disheartening to come to work again and to find that someone was brash enough to cut through our fence and to take our tools again, when we are just trying to help families build safe and affordable houses.”

Anyone with information should call Henderson Police.

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