Vectren says Newburgh gas leak is under control

Vectren says Newburgh gas leak is under control

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - Repairs are underway after a gas leak in Newburgh.

Dispatch says the “major” gas leak happened Friday morning around 7:30 when crews were working on a construction project in the area of Jerrald Drive and Oak Grove Rd.

According to an emergency phone message, residents in the area were advised to stay inside and keep all doors and windows shut until further notice. Firefighters also evacuated about a dozen homes in the area.

We’re told Vectren has since gotten the leak under control and they are working on repairs.

Our team spoke with people coming home after the all-clear.

Many of them still in pajamas and having to call out of work.

They say the construction behind their homes has been going on for over a year with no problems.

and this was not how they expected to spend their Friday.

“Usually I wake up early about 6 6:30 in the morning and have my coffee” said Neighbor Rick Jenkins.

When all of a sudden Rick heard a hissing sound

" I really didn’t think anything was wrong-- the construction has been going on for over a year" said Rick.

Rick stayed in his home and then a couple minutes later received a call.

“My wife had just left and she called me on the phone telling me to get out of the house, when you get a message from your wife you do what she says” said Rick.

The fire department went door to door to evacuating more than a dozen homes.

Leaving many confused and unsure of when they would be able to return.

“Even after the gas is capped off, we will then go back into any home we had to evacuate in the hard perimeter and additionally take meter readings to just make sure it’s safe for the general public to go back in” said Captain David Shipley.

While some were cleared on the first reading.

Others had to be ventilated before they could be re entered.

After 4 hours of work, each home was tested, cleared, and the brake was repaired.

But the work isn't over

“If any resident has any possible concern then they need to call 911 and give us their address and we will be glad to come to their house individually and take a meter reading” Said Captain Shipley.

With eyes open, neighbors went back into their homes to finish a Friday they never saw coming.

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