Business owners find opportunity in Newburgh

Business owners find opportunity in Newburgh

NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) - Tara Tapp opened up her new lifestyle boutique, Three Oaks, just last Friday.

She said the downtown area was a perfect location to get her business going.

“We love the walking traffic, the close proximity to the river , so it just kind of gives that community feel where people can park somewhere, go to some of the restaurants, go to some of the different shops and just kind of make a day of it,” said Tapp.

She has seen the success of other businesses here in town, and it has paved the way for her store, and other stores like Joelle + Co which recently opened.

“We love the small town feel of Newburgh, the community is amazing, my neighbors here have been awesome and supportive, they are very supportive of small business,” said Tapp.

It is that same support Tapp has experienced that inspired Morgan Castillo to stay in Newburgh when she decided to relocate The Tin Fish. She opened up last month.

“The whole thing is that Newburgh built us. We are part of Newburgh and Newburgh is us. We are Newburgh. There was no other doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to stay locally here in Newburgh," said Castillo.

Many business owners here could have set up shop in one of the larger nearby cities. But for folks like Castillo, this small town offered a unique experience and opportunity.

“We’re not looking to turn Newburgh into a city. We want to keep it close and tight but we want to make sure that we are drawing people in so that they can have the full experience. From everything from dining to shopping. We want to have all of that available for everybody," said Castillo.

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