United Way offering 211 service in Western KY

New service for WKY residents searching for help

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - A new service coming to Western Kentucky will help those that need help figure out how to get it."

Green River 211 has been in the works for almost 7 years now. United Way of Ohio valley and Henderson County have come together to make the service a reality. Right now residents of Daviess county can dial 211 to learn about services for utility help, shelters, senior living centers and much more.

“A lot of people just don’t know where to go," Toby Hall a board member the the Ohio Valley United Way said. "They don’t even know where to get the help or to find where to get the help and that’s what 211 is supposed to do. It’s an easy number to remember, it provides the information, and then the contact to a live person that can then get them in contact with someone that can help them.”

211 will also collect data on what type of assistance people in each county will be asking for, which will help lead community services in the right direction.

“We don’t know who to help or who needs help at this time," Hall said. "And with the 211 system we’ll start finding that out and we’ll be able to tell who needs the help and what kind of help they need.”

211 is live now and the app will be coming out on the app store soon. The service will eventually be available to residents in Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, McLean, Ohio, Union and Webster Counties.

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