Three brothers playing together for Vermont

Harrison High School Graduates
Three Duncan brothers graduated from Harrison High School and now play together for Vermont...
Three Duncan brothers graduated from Harrison High School and now play together for Vermont Men's Basketball Team.
Published: Mar. 21, 2019 at 5:38 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - “Really they changed the culture of the Harrison program,” said Harrison High School Boys Basketball Coach Nathan Fleenor.

The madness has begun. Tri-State athletes are taking the national stage tonight in the NCAA Tournament.

Their high school coach is watching at home remembering their success and their lasting impact. This years tournament has strong Evansville ties.

Take a look at the Vermont roster, and you will probably recognize a few names. Three brothers once playing at Harrison High School now all playing for Vermont.

Thursday afternoon they were on the court together against Florida State. Their former coach was watching from back home.

“They were great,” said Fleenor.

One after another, three Duncan brothers walked off the court at Harrison High School and onto Vermont’s. First is Ernie Duncan, number 20, a red shirt senior.

“Ernie’s the oldest. He’s been the papa bear of the group... kind of the voice,” said Fleenor.

Then there is Everett Duncan, number 21, a red shirt junior.

“He’s the jokester of the group a lot of times. And then Robin is the baby of the group,” said Fleenor.

Finally there is Robin Duncan, number 4, a Freshman.

“He’s taller, 6′5” point guard and passer of the group and being the last Duncan there was a lot of expectations for Robin," said Fleenor.

Fleenor knows it goes beyond athletic talent. Their work ethic leading them to Division I success.

“It’s great for our school, our community to have 3 Division I basketball players like that at the same place,” said Fleenor.

The Duncan brothers are the fifth trio of brothers to play on the same Division I men’s basketball team in the same season. All three were on the floor together against Florida State.

The brothers are no doubt making the most of the opportunity.

“I texted with Robin for a while last night. I think just enjoying all the cameras, the interviews. Their parents were flown up there, so they’re there. Coach Spear who was the head coach for Everett and Ernie, they’re there. I think they’re just really enjoying the opportunity and know it’s going to be short and know that this is the last time they all 3 get to play together,” said Fleenor.

It was a tough seven point loss for Vermont and the Duncan brothers. This was their last time playing together.

Despite the loss, back home the community, especially the Harrison Warriors, sure are proud.

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