Homeless Connect serve hundreds

‘Homeless Connect’ helping homeless citizens get essentials

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Old National Events Plaza was packed Thursday for the annual Homeless Connect South West Indiana.

For more than ten years, this event has offered a one-stop shop for those in need. Marse has been living in Evansville his whole life, but has never attended homeless connect, and he owes it all to his friends at Aurora.

“I called Latasha yesterday and she mentioned this to me. she said it’s just one day and if I hadn’t called I guess I wouldn’t be here” said Marse.

An experience he never anticipated, making him feel refreshed and cared for. While walking away with a new haircut.

" I asked her if she could cut it down, like it is now she cut it and it was perfect, yeah, oh yeah she’s good" said Marse.

But for many Thursday wasn’t their first time around the tables.

With a mission of helping people stay stable, many came for financial advice, and for help with their bills.

“For me being a mom of two a toddler and a younger one I can drop them off at daycare and get everything done in one place, they also serve lunch so we don’t have to worry about oh we have to leave and get something to eat” said Jettia Eastwood.

106 vendors and a ton of volunteers ready to help.

“When I think about being a kid sitting around the table eating supper, that was how my parents showed love," said volunteer Melissa Zint. "Sitting together and eating. So, being able to provide that for people who can’t provide that for themselves, that’s where my heart is at.”

Homeless Connect made over twelve hundred meals to feed the community Thursday.

They hope to serve more with every successful year.

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