IN mom says teen bullies shaved her son’s head and eyebrows, posted video online

Family speaking out after 12-year-old bullied on social media

PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - The family of a 12-year-old boy they say was bullied on social media wants to bring awareness about bullying to light. They hope what happened to the child doesn’t happen to any child ever again.

You can hear in the video circulating on social media a teenager saying "come get your free haircuts."

The mother of the child who was bullied said, “He thought these boys were doing what they told him they were doing and they weren’t.”

We are choosing to not identify anyone in this case because it involves minors.

The Princeton mother is speaking out after the video reportedly shows her 12-year-old son’s head being shaved. She said the high school kids responsible cut bald spots and shaved his eyebrows. “They said they were going to hurt my kids if they told anyone what happened,” said the boy’s mother.

The mother tells us her son is autistic, and has recently been diagnosed with Asperger’s.

She explained how the situation unfolded, "I ended up having my middle son run home and he said, ‘mom, mom, you have to come and save my brother because he’s being bullied at the house.’”

Julie Jones, the boy’s aunt, says the video has devastated the family.

“My fiancé had told me about the video being posted, so I looked and seen the video on Facebook and my heart just cried out," she said. “It’s just to see him being in that situation with all those kids around him like that.”

The video has been shared on social media hundreds of times now.

The boy’s mom said she hopes their story will encourage any child going through a similar situation to come forward and put a stop to bullying.

“They need to speak up and stand up for themselves," she said. "It is OK to let somebody know that you are being bullied and how badly it can affect people.”

The mother tells us she did report this to law enforcement, and we have reached out to law enforcement. The Princeton Police Chief tells us that the incident involves juveniles therefore they do not have a statement at this time. The Gibson County prosecutor says they cannot confirm nor deny that there is an ongoing investigation.

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