League Stadium damaged during Thursday storms

League Stadium damaged by strong storms

HUNTUNGBURG, IN (WFIE) - Parks Department is working and quickly to repair the roof over League Stadium after it last week’s high winds blew off part of it.

Spring is in the air and that means baseball for guys like Southridge senior Tucker Schank. Playing at League Stadium is a privilege for him.

“It humbles you really," explains Schank. "It makes you feel blessed to play at such a nice field like this. We travel around to some away games and we see their complexes and we feel really grateful to play at a place like this when you see what other programs have around their place.”

Last Thursday, he and a few other seniors arrived at the stadium for senior pictures and noticed the damage on the third base side.

“It’s reinforced by wood, a bunch of wood beams you know so its bound to be weak in some spots but right now we feel like it kind of adds character,” says Schank.

Parks Director Larry Altstadt says the grandstand almost acts as a wind tunnel and the roof just ripped right off. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, according to Alstadt.

“2011 we had some damage, actually it was worse, it blew more of that same section off,” Alstadt recalls.

Altstadt says it cost around $150,000 to repair the roof eight years ago, but he’s unsure what it will cost today.

“I have some calls into a local construction company,” Alstadt explains. “Of course they are really busy this time of year so thats the hard part. We are going to try and get started on it right away as soon as we can.”

Altsadt says the roof wont be repaired in time for Southridge's home opener in 10 days, but Schank says the team will just roll with it.

“They’re going to get that fixed up so it’ll be safe for spectators, and we will just roll like normal,” Schank says.

This is the 125th anniversary of the ballpark, so Altstadt tells us he hopes to have it repaired before the Dubois County Bombers season starts.

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