Woman turns 100 on St. Patrick’s Day

Newburgh woman celebrates 100th birthday on St. Patrick's Day

NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) - Virginia Hurt knows exactly what it’s like to share a birthday with a holiday. In fact, she’s done that 100 times now. On Sunday, she hit the century mark.

“To be 100 years old and have this many people come and wish you a happy birthday, it’s just glorious,” said Hurt.

Dozens of family and friends made sure they were at the Rolling Hills Country Club with her to celebrate the big day. She says lots of things have changed since she first started this long journey called life.

“You know, I think it is the electrical part, the news and everything which has changed so much from when I started and when I lived in the country. We were on a line and we had to share it with about 10 people,” said Hurt.

She credits her longevity to a couple of things: good genetics and a healthy lifestyle.

“My parents lived to be 95 and 96, so that was the beginning, to just as a background,” said Hurt. “I walked at the Eastland Mall. I did that for 20 years and I would go about 5 days a week to meet my friends and we would walk and have social time together.”

But for today, she is just thankful to have her family with her and she says it is truly humbling.

"Just praising me which I don't really feel that I deserve all of that but it's just been wonderful to hear what they have said."

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