WARNING: 911 call released in shooting of Evansville Firefighter

911 call released in shooting of Evansville firefighter

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - WARNING: This call might be disturbing to hear. We have cut out parts that could be considered too gruesome.

Officials have released the 911 call that came in after the shooting of Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr.

Doerr was shot and killed outside his Oakley Street home last month.

Police say there is no person of interest in the case.

Doerr’s wife, Elizabeth Fox, was arrested on an obstruction of justice charge. Police say she deleted a call from her phone before calling 911.

WARNING: 911 call released in shooting of Evansville Firefighter

Fox Doerr: “My husband just got shot!”

Dispatcher: “Ma’am, I need you to listen to me. Okay, Ma’am? Listen. Tell me what happened.”

Fox Doerr: “I don’ know!... I saw his truck pull in. I saw his headlights."

Dispatcher: “Okay, what kind of vehicle was it? (It’s a gunshot wound victim)"

Fox Doerr: “Ma’am, all I saw was my husband’s headlights pull into the driveway, and then I heard a bunch of popping... My husband is 51 years old. His name is... Oh my God. Please, hurry!

Dispatcher: “When did this happen, Ma’am?”

Fox Doerr: “Just a few minutes ago. I heard popping, and I went to the front door. I didn’t see anything, so I went to the side door and came out, and I saw my husband just laying there. Please. Hurry."

Dispatcher: “Is the assailant still there?”

Fox Doerr: “No. I didn’t see anybody.”

Dispatcher: “...what type of car it was? You saw drive away?”

Fox Doerr: “I did not see a car. I did not see a person. The only person I saw was my husband laying on the ground.”

Several other neighbors called in to report hearing shots. Many of them say they heard a total five shots.

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