Tragedy in New Zealand hits close to home for Muslim community

Tragedy in New Zealand hits close to home

NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) - Islamic Society of Evansville President Bashar Mourad says places like the mosque in Newburgh, should be a safe haven for it’s visitors.

They have a good relationship with the nearby community, but tragedies like the one in New Zealand are a harsh reminder of reality

“You still get surprised no matter what, but unfortunately evil is out there and those things are happening,” says Mourad. “You cannot let your guards down, you know, you have to be protective of your community.”

After being asked how he thinks we can combat hatred as a society, he said that the change can start right at home with our young people.

“If someone is different from us... it is okay, we need to be more tolerant, try to approach them, try to learn more about them,” said Mourad.

Mourad wants the community to know that the Islamic community will welcome anybody who would like to join them or just to get to know them.

“Come and talk to us, come and see us. We are normal, ordinary people like all of you.. We have our families, we love our kids, we want to have jobs and succeed in this life and the next life,” said Mourad.

But, you can’t get to know somebody, unless you make the effort to. That’s why he says their doors and their hearts are always open.

“If we do that as a society, and we try to hold onto each other and work on the common good that our community can work on, I think we will succeed. Its going to be a long road ahead of us. But you know, we need to do it, but we need each other now more than any other time," said Mourad.

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