Crisis Care Center update

Phase one work continues

Crisis Care Center update

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Construction continues on the Crisis Care Center at United Caring Services.

The one-of-its-kind facility will bring much needed substance abuse and mental health resources to downtown Evansville.

Phase one work started in February and continues inside the Crisis Care Center. Crews have been working on plumbing and some walls.

UCS Executive Director Jason Emmerson expects to finish Phase one in the next 30 days. Now, he is working to lay the foundation for Phase Two which includes the exterior, lighting, and security.

The Center will divert people from unneeded emergency services or jail time.

“How will AMR drop people and what data will they record. If they would have otherwise taken someone to the ED but instead dropped them off here, that’s important data to know. ... Officer Brewer’s helped with some of the policies and procedures, and we still have work on how can we help our officers utilize this as a tool to serve the public,” says Emmerson.

Emmerson tells us he is working to get the remaining funding for Phase two. He is also applying for grants to cover some of the operational costs.

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