Storms cause Evansville street to flood again

Iroquois Dr. floods more than once a month

Storms cause Evansville street to flood again

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - We have reported a lot about the wind and tornadoes, but another threat from Thursday was flooding.

Rapid rain led to roads filling with water. Iroquois Drive is an area known for flooding. The middle of the 1800 block is the lowest elevation.

That is where the one drain sits. It does not take much to bring all the water level up to a dangerous height.

Some neighbors with smaller cars could not leave for work on Thursday. City officials told us they are working on a solution.

“Every month we have to put up with this,” said Eric Hermann.

For Eric and his neighbors, a solution cannot come soon enough. He moved to his home on Iroquois Drive in 1982.

For decades, the street would flood once or twice a year. That number grew exponentially in 2016, and Eric told us he knows why.

“Ever since they built the Teachers Federal Credit Union. It’s an 82,000 square foot building,” said Eric.

The development wiped out a grassy field that used to help absorb some of the water.

“We share the same retention ditch. Our street happens to be lower than the retention ditch. So even if they pump out our street, if they don’t pump out the ditch we flood right back up again,” said Eric.

The Street Maintenance Department started pumping the pond at the ETFCU around 4 a.m. Thursday morning. It is such a common sight, Eric knows the crews by name.

“His name is Zip. I have to give kudos to the Evansville Street Maintenance Department because they have been out here every time and they have been pumping and doing what they need to do to keep the street clear,” said Eric.

Despite their efforts, the inevitable flooding keeps inching uncomfortably close.

“It has made it all the way up to my tree there in the front yard, which is about 10 feet from the house. It’s come up all the way up to the sidewalk right here,” said Eric.

The City Engineer told us the root of the cause is two fold: Evansville’s East side is flat, and the drainage system there is too small.

The city is finalizing the design and looking for funds for a new system.

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