Sincere Determination: Daviess Co. 3-year-old inspires community

Sincere Determination: Daviess Co. 3-year-old inspires community

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - Three-year-old Sincere Smith-Rouse loves craft time, whether that be cutting some paper or playing with Play-Doh.

Sincere has a knack for making something out of nothing. Her dads, Jeremiah and Antoine Smith-Rouse, say that’s what makes their Sinny, as they like to call her, unstoppable.

“Whatever she puts her mind to, she is going to do it," Sinny’s dad, Jeremiah Smith-Rouse said.

She is one of five kids for these parents. Jeremiah even gave up his job when they adopted Sinny. She has Caudal Regression Syndrome. Jeremiah says that means her spine didn’t grow all the way down in the womb.

“It causes a lot of trouble with the legs and and everything below the belt," Jeremiah said

Last year, Jeremiah and Antoine had a very tough decision to make. Doctors recommended they amputate both of her legs to allow her additional mobility and help prevent infections. Sinny’s dads say she was still not ready to give up, even after the amputation.

“When she got her legs amputated, she was mad at us the next day because we weren’t letting her flip around, so it didn’t slow her down at all," Antoine said.

She hasn’t slowed down since. The same can be said for many kids at Burns Elementary School. Some of them have spent countless days at Norton Children’s Hospital. Now, those students are inspiring change thanks to the “Be a Champion” initiative at Burns. Larkin Wetzel is in charge of the weeks-long event where students can cash in on extra fun at school. She says she has seen a lot of support since starting the initiative, including outside donations. All donations will go to Norton’s.

“I’ve been so amazed at the families who have reached out to me during this champions initiative, because we didn’t know about some of them and it warms my heart that they want to share their story, and we can give back to them," Wetzel said.

The Burn’s Elementary Facebook page is flooded with stories of the schools champions and their stories. They have something in common. They’ve spent a lot of time at the hospital. Sinny was one of those champions who quickly won the hearts of many on Facebook. If you visit her preschool class, you’ll find she has a strong team behind her, from teachers, to her dads and doctors. They say that’s what will push her to keep being her unstoppable self.

“There is nothing this child cannot do. As a kid, as an adult, whatever she puts her mind to, she is going to do it.” Jeremiah said.

If you want to learn more about the “Be a Champion” challenge, head over to the Burns Elementary Facebook Page.

On March 22, the school will host a three-hour after school event for students to donate more money for Norton’s in memory of Brookelynne Shannon, a Burns Middle School student who died from complications of the flu last year.

If you want to donate, school officials say you can drop off money to the office.

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