Horse Rescue South set to close

Horse Rescue South set to close

CANNELTON, IN (WFIE) - Horse Rescue South owner Jo Sodrel has been rescuing horses in Cannelton for 25 years, but now, she says they cannot afford to keep it going.

“Every year we have to fight and fight for more money," said Sodrel. "We don’t get money from the county. We have to do fundraisers and depend on people to come and send money.”

She has three horses in Cannelton, and each horse can cost about $7 per day. But that is not counting bills from the vet.

Before Sodrel got them, these horses were abused and neglected, and they need extra care. The financial burden is just too much for Sodrel and her family.

She hopes that maybe someone will take interest in the rescue.

“I would work with them to get them going," explains Sodrel. "But they have to understand and know horses.”

She says that her heart will always stay in Cannelton with the horses, but she is prepared to let it go no matter how difficult it may be.

“Walking away, it is going to be one of the worst things in my life, walking away," Sodrel says.

The horse rescue will close once all of the remaining horses have been fully rehabilitated.

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