150-year-old business closing in Madisonville

End of an era for Hopkins Co. business

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - It is the end of an era for Hopkins County’s longest operated family owned business.

Ruby Concrete Company owners have decided to close.

It’s a company that has certainly evolved over the last century-and-a-half.

The President says several factors have contributed in their decision to close. Kent Waide has led the company since 2012 but has worked there for much longer.

Ruby Concrete Company is not only the longest standing local company, but one of the oldest across the state.

The founders started doing business back in 1869. Then owner, John Ruby, cut the railroad ties and built a general store, which later became Ruby Lumber company.

The concrete division started in the 1940′s and has grown from there. Waide bought the business from his father who took over from the Ruby family.

Waide says a coal industry market slide and online retail have both played a role, and their next step is to liquidate assets.

Waide has spent more than two decades working there.

“Just growing up in the business, and then also, working here. There’s a lot of pride because there’s a lot of history involved in it. This company has done many positive things for the community. That all has a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of pride that goes along with it,” Waide explained.

Fewer than 10 people’s jobs are affected by the closure.

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