EPD says there’s no person of interest in Doerr murder investigation

EPD says there’s no person of interest in Doerr murder investigation

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The wife of slain Evansville firefighter Robert Doerr has been arrested.

According to the Vanderburgh Co. Jail website, 47-year-old Elizabeth Joanne Fox was booked into jail around 5:30 Tuesday morning on an obstruction of justice charge.

Elizabeth Joanne Fox, 47.
Elizabeth Joanne Fox, 47. (Source: Vanderburgh Co. Jail)

Robert Doerr was shot and killed outside his Oakley Street home last week.

Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr. (WFIE)
Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr. (WFIE)

An affidavit says Fox received a phone call just before she called 911 the night Doerr was killed. Police say when investigators first spoke with Fox she didn’t tell them about that call and had deleted the call record from her phone.


The affidavit says investigators were able to find out about the call by checking with the phone company.

Police talked her again Monday night and she admitted to receiving the call. Fox was then arrested on the obstruction charge and taken to jail.

Police haven’t said what the nature of that phone call was.

A neighbor says he cannot imagine who would shoot Doerr.

“It’s something that shouldn’t ever happen, you know. Nobody needs to go like that,” says Doerr’s neighbor Jimmy Merida.

He tells us the couple was always friendly and seemed to be happy together.

“He’s a good man. They’re good neighbors. They would talk to you. They would take their dogs walking like the rest of us. Good friendly people. Just got married. I was happy for both of them. Either one of them would talk to you, say hi you know and everything. Their grandkids would play up and down the sidewalk during the summer,” says Merida.

“I don’t know. They say he just got home from work, got out of his truck, but you know I never did hear any cars taking off squealing the tires or anything. The only thing I heard was gunshots, and the rest of the time it was quiet,” says Merida.

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