Funeral service held for Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr

Shot to death in front of home last Tuesday

Funeral service held for Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The funeral service for Robert Doerr was held Monday afternoon in Evansville

Doerr was shot and killed outside his Oakley Street home on Tuesday night.


Former classmates remember fallen firefighter Robert Doerr

The funeral was held at Christian Fellowship Church. Entombment is being held at St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery.

Funeral for Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr
Procession leaving funeral of Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr
Funeral procession for Evansville Firefighter Robert Doerr drives under a flag on Diamond Ave.

One after another, Doerr’s fellow firefighters spoke about his dedication to his daughter, his love of his wife and his service to the community.

“Robbie was a good man, a good friend, a great son and a great father," says District Chief Mike Dickinson. "He was also a journeyman firefighter - not a hot dog, not a glory hound...just a hard working get the job done smoke-eater.”

“Some of things we’ll miss so much: your greeting each morning, ‘how are you, young man - or young lady?’" says Captain Ben Pfeffer. "Your giant special meat loafs, and our favorite aquarium dweller. Station 1 just won’t be the same without you.”

One firefighter after another took the stage during the two-hour service. They also talked about his sense of humor.

The talked about about his dedication to his daughter, his love of his wife and his commitment to serving the community. Doerr was a firefighter in Evansville for 28 years.

He worked out of fire station one for his whole career. The men and women who served with him said he was always willing to help his fellow firefighters, and that he had a wicked sense of humor who loved to play pranks in the firehouse.

“He was always willing to help a brother or sister firefighter," says Pfeffer. "He also helped us to remember not to leave our possessions around. we all learned what a freezer, a cake pan and some water were for.”

Doerr’s daughter took the stage to read a poem

There are still a number of questions surrounding Doerr’s death.

Here is what we know: Police were called to his home on Oakley Street around 7 p.m. February 26. When officers arrived, they say they found Doerr laying in his front yard, with multiple gun shot wounds. We are told he died on scene. Last week police interviewed neighbors who heard the shots, but they say no one witnessed the crime.

“Robbie’s suffering is over. He’s with God,” says Fr. John Brosmer.

“And if according to your will I have to lose my life, please bless with your protecting hands my children and my wife,” says Lindsay Doerr.

Lindsay remembered her father with “The Fireman’s Prayer.” Robbie Doerr’s fellow fire fighters shared nearly 28 years of memories: How he loved a good joke and would help anyone who asked.

“He liked to work. But he liked to give of himself. I think that’s what looking at it now he wanted to help other people. He wanted to serve other people, to make a difference, to serve. Robbie was a gift. He was a gift to us,” says Fr. Brosmer.

Robbie was kind, giving, and was known for his cooking at the hose house.

“His staples were meatloaf, taco salad, and chicken pot pie," says Chaplain Ray Brown.

It was no secret Robbie considered fire fighting more than just a job but a brotherhood.

“For Robbie this bond was something real, something he believed in, and he worked within this bond. As a result he wore his badge with pride and dignity,” says Connelly.

Connelly says Robbie’s legacy of dignity is what the Fire Department is founded upon. So many close to Robbie said their last goodbyes.

“Come alongside the family to pay tribute to one of our brothers who has answered the last alarm,” says Connelly.

“And to you fire fighter Robert F. Doerr II, one last order because you know how I love to give orders, and I know how you love to take them. Take a break young man. You deserve it. Rest easy brother. We’ll take it from here,” says Dickinson.

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