EFD remembers fallen firefighter Robert Doerr

EFD remembers fallen firefighter Robert Doerr

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Since 1991, Division Chief Mike Larson says Robert Doerr served Evansville with bravery and pride.

“He was just... he was in it. He loved the fire department. Just getting out there and helping people. That is what we all do, that is what we are here for,” said Larson.

Doerr, known as “Robbie”, became close with his fellow firefighters like like Larry Wildt along the way.

“We have been through a lot together. Ups and downs, highs and lows. We bowled together, fished together, played softball together so he was my brother that I never really had,” said Wildt.

The brotherhood he shared with Doerr grew from the one all firefighters develop. By working side-by-side in dangerous situations day after day. Wildt says Doerr was as good as any man he has ever served with.

“Just awesome, he always had your back. Never afraid to go into a fire with him,” said Wildt.

But Wildt is not alone in his grief. Larson says all of the Evansville Fire Department, especially the crew at station number one, will look out for one another.

“We have to be there for each other, we talk about it. We try and release that and whether it is crying or screaming or yelling or cursing, whatever it is... We have got to release that one way or another,” said Larson.

When Wildt thinks about his next run on the job, he believes it will be different, but he takes comfort in knowing one thing.

“He’ll be there... he’ll be there."

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