Homeless shelter receives library

Homeless shelter receives library

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - A library at St. Benedict’s Homeless Shelter has been in the works for years, but this weekend it finally came to life.

“With this idea, I thought ‘this is perfect,'" Harry Pedigo the executive director of St. Benedict’s said. "It all lines up with what we’ve all been talking about and thinking about. Why wouldn’t we do a library?”

Thanks to a $5,000 district grant, the Daviess County Rotary Club made sure that dream became a reality.

“It’s really hard for homeless men to get a library card," Christine Salmon the president of the Daviess County Rotary Club said. "So they might want to go and read. So we thought we’d just build a library for them.”

St Benedict's surveyed the men at the shelter to learn what kind of books they wanted. The rotary stocked the shelves with self-help, spiritual, and fiction books.

“Our hope is that they’ll read some of those and if they’re struggling in a certain area then perhaps that book can give them hope," Salmon said.

“They can have tools that they need to succeed. Whether it be doing projects when they leave or whether it’s common knowledge or education wise to further their education," Pedigo said.

St Benedict's believes these books will give these men something they haven't had in a long time: hope.

“Even though they might not have a home, we want them to feel that they are still a valuable part of our community," Salmon said.

“It brings more hope and more tools for them to gain their independence," Pedigo said.

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