Posey Co. working to bring better internet to unincorporated areas

Posey Co. working to bring better internet to unincorporated areas

POSEY CO., IN (WFIE) - County commissioners are working to bring broadband services to unincorporated Posey County.

Carl Schmitz, a Posey County Commissioner said the population has been dwindling for years in the county. That’s why it’s so important to offer broadband services to help bring more people to the county.

Internet has become something many people rely on daily. Not only does it helps businesses thrive, but people also.

However, for those living in unincorporated Posey County, they’ve dealt with slow services for years. That’s why the county is offering a tax incentive for businesses to come to Posey County and offer broadband services.

This would not only bring more businesses to the area but help those already living here.

"What we have, probably the fastest us one and it just doesn’t cut it,” Schmitz said.

For kids who live in areas that don’t receive great internet service, Schmitz said it would benefit them the most.

“The kids can’t even take their chrome books home because we have not enough internet so they can do their homework at home,” explained Schmitz.

The county hopes hopes to bring that internet speed up to at least a 10 and hope to get these plans approved within the next month.

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