Year-long death investigation continues in Henderson Co.

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Year-long death investigation continues in Henderson Co.

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - A year-long death investigation continues in Henderson County.

Human remains were found last February near Corydon and investigators are still waiting on a positive identification.

The collected evidence has now been shipped hundreds of miles from the Tri-State for even more testing.

“It does take that time, and that’s something, unfortunately, the family has hold on to,” Trooper Corey King said.

The human remains were found in Henderson County near Corydon off Rock Springs Dixie Road. An anthropology team from UT Knoxville have tested them, but exhausted their leads.

Now, even more testing has been requested.

The remains were sent to the University of North Texas for a forensic analysis, who plan to carefully look at micro DNA.

“The more you disturb the evidence that you obtained, the less likely you are to find the DNA, the essential parts to solving these cases,” Trooper King explained.

The National Unidentified Persons Data System shows Henderson has seven people reported missing. Corydon has one. Dianna Henry went missing in 2008 at the age of 64.

Kentucky State Police tell 14 News they were able to collect DNA from family members of Mrs. Henry, and that could be a critical part in closing this case.

"Could this be something more, or is this even a different a person? Possibly. There’s always those possibilities, that’s why we can’t assume that’s who it is, although it does fit the criteria and narrative that this is the person we’re looking for,” Trooper King added.

Trooper King tells me even the clothing and articles found were badly decomposed, so investigators must wait for those DNA results.

“Because there’s probably nothing more sacred than actually get the identify back to the family,” Trooper King told 14 News.

Other high-profile missing persons cases in Henderson include Heather Teague who went missing from the Spottsville area in 1995.

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