Owensboro to buy downtown property for parking

Owensboro to buy downtown property for parking

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The empty Roberts Brothers Auto Mart property will most likely solve a major problem in downtown, parking.

“Parking is the issue," Mayor Tom Watson said. "So we’re trying to cobble together different lots for sale.”

Mayor Watson hasn’t been shy to say the city needs more parking. Part of the issue is the proposed third downtown hotel and apartments, with no where to park.

The Roberts Brothers lot could provide some relief. Mayor Watson hopes other property owners realize this.

“My whole thought is, it’s a community," Mayor Watson said. "What’s best for the entire community?”

The city gets 1 percent of all hotel room purchases, meaning another downtown hotel could bring in some much needed revenue.

“We need that hotel because otherwise because that’s the biggest contributor that you can get from the financing district downtown," Mayor Watson said. "Without that, things are gonna struggle.”

The mayor also said another possibility would be to build a parking garage on the site of the new hotel since downtown property has become so expensive. But this flat lot will be a good start for the downtown parking problem.

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