Water overtaking Henderson Co. roads

Water overtaking Henderson Co. roads

HENDERSON CO., KY (WFIE) - Water is overtaking some Henderson County roads near the river.

Flood water has closed a couple of roads and started to pile up on some backyards. In some areas, it’s enough to close a few roads.

A couple miles down the road in Spottsville, a few homeowners have been evacuated.

That’s where the Green River is expected to crest at 34-35 feet according to the lockmaster. That will make this crest three-feet below the flood last year.

Long time Reed resident Hershel Smith said he’s experience numerous floods before and prefers to wait them out.

“Just stock up, and go from there. Nobody to bother you. Go in the house, watch TV. Everything was just normal. just that you’re surrounded by water.”

Henderson EOC said crews are continuing to monitor roads out here near Reed as those waters continue to rise.

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