OPD uses some creativity in hopes to boost recruiting

OPD uses some creativity in hopes to boost recruiting

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - It’s no secret police departments around the country are having a difficult time recruiting and retaining officers.

Here in the Tri-State, the Owensboro Police Department decided to get creative in recruiting.

You may have seen this video on Facebook. It already has 35,00 views and is getting the Owensboro Police Department attention all across the country.

Owensboro Police Recruitment Video

One Department, One Community, One Mission.

Posted by Owensboro Police Department on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

OPD hopes the video will help recruit new officers to come to Owensboro.

“You know, Owensboro is decent size, but a lot of agencies our size don’t have a bomb squad," explained OPD Officer Andrew Boggess. "So obviously showing something like that shows something that we have that other agencies our size may not be able to offer.”

OPD told us back in November they struggle recruiting officers. But with this creative twist, they hope it's worth it.

“It’s a small expense," Boggess says. "If we get a good candidate out of it then it’s well worth it.”

And it seems to have already reached thousands of people, bringing in calls from out of state with interests in job opportunities.

“It’s already had kind of the desired effect of getting our agency out there and visible and getting people talking and thinking about the possibility as a career,” claims Boggess.

If you’re interested in law enforcement with the Owensboro Police Department, check out the above link.

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