Northwest area of Owensboro to get facelift

Northwest area of Owensboro to get facelift

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - It’s an area of town city leaders have wanted to revitalize for years.

“From 2nd Street to the middle of downtown and then outside of downtown there’s a drastic change between the housing stock and the commercial properties," Abby Shelton the community development director said. "So it’s important for us to make that a seamless transit.”

Shelton will head the project, which will include housing and commercial property upgrades, much like the Triplett Twist project which finishes up this October.

“It is an old part of town and it needs a lot of help," Shelton said. "So we will probably have to ramp up our program a little bit more to address those issues.”

But for Shelton, one major goal is changing up the senior center. Making the current senior center into affordable senior housing and then building a brand new community center on the same lot.

“There’s a lot of moving parts, there’s a lot of unknowns,” Shelton said. “There’s a wish list from the senior center which I had asked for and I asked them to reach out for community partnerships to make sure they maximize their opportunity to serve the community.”

Shelton believes a community center is long needed in the area. She hopes the entire project will make Owensboro proud.

“My goal is to work with that community and make sure they have a sense of ownership again in their house and their community," she said.

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