New plans proposed for old New Harmony school

New future for old New Harmony School

NEW HARMONY, IN (WFIE) - The old New Harmony school is looking for a new future eight years after it closed in 2012.

The town is looking for someone to transform the property and bring it back to life.

“We didn’t have enough kids around to keep it open, tax money coming in wasn’t enough to support it,” New Harmony Town Council President, Alvin Blaylock said.

Locals said this caused a lot of change for the historic community.

“The teachers were able to be one on one with the kids and helped them learn more,” said longtime resident Danny Baize. “With it being shut down it’s kind of hurt New Harmony a little bit.”

New Harmony is looking for a new property owner who could transform it into something New Harmony needs.

“If we could get the building re-purposed for arts and crafts and music things like that, it would be another avenue to bring people into town,” explained Blaylock.

Several people are showing interest in the property, one would like to put a tree farm in the area while another would like to re-purpose the building.

Locals hope it’s something that will keep New Harmony historic.

“It’s a beautiful little town," Baize added. "It’s quiet. You don’t hear of any real crime going on here. Everybody knows everybody and they look out for each other around here.”

The town council hopes whatever it is will bring more people to New Harmony.

“Some things we could get maybe we could get our population, more people wanting to move here would be a goal,” said, Blaylock.

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