Officials warn about flooded roads as river levels rise

Officials warn about flooded roads as river levels rise

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - River levels across the Tri-State are expected to keep rising until this weekend.

During a normal season on the Evansville Riverfront, you’d have to go to the water, but now the water seems to be coming to you.

Vanderburgh County EMA Director Cliff Weaver says the Ohio River level is just under 42 feet which is the moderate flood level.

“From what we’re seeing today, the water will probably come up at least two more feet," Weaver said. "This will be about three feet, two and half to three feet lower than what it was last year.”

According to Weaver, the county has already had to close 17 roads as a result of the high water.

“We don’t anticipate any new roads to be closed, those are pretty much annual occurrences. So we go by past practice and past floods," said Weaver. “I’m hoping that if we don’t get anymore rain, probably in a week or so, it will start dropping again. We were fortunate when it started, the river was at 22 feet, so we had a lot of volume that we could have added and we did. Lot of rain. So the river is up, hopefully it will be out of here quickly in about a week.”

So far, the Vanderburgh County EMA has only received one report of a car that got stuck while attempting to drive through high water.

Weaver says that all drivers should turn around when they see high water on the roadways.

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